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Energizing Vitality Lotion



Lip Glitz


Comment me if you’re trying either or both of these products! I’m so excited to try these out!

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Phase I is Complete!


The first phase of our Re-Launch is complete! Take a look at  this new updated site and tell me what you think!  I also just finished my website take a look, I’d love to hear what you think!

This Friday our NEW Energizing Vitality Lotion is coming out! To hear more about follow me on facebook, I will be doing a live about it!

Last but not least…check out the online New Spring Catalog. Stay tuned for new products releasing soon.

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My Team is now 5 Carat!!


I am so proud to announce that MY Team has achieved 5 Carat! March 31, 2017 Acti-Labs celebrates their first year in the US. In less than a year…..We are now officially the ONLY 5 Carat Team in the US! I have the most incredible team of inspiring, supportive & empowering women & men. I absolutely LOVE them & thank them for all the hard work we all put into becoming a 5 Carat Team! Interested in starting your own Acti business?? Come soar with us because this is just the beginning! Contact me today to find out why this is the opportunity you can’t miss out on!

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Lip Glitz…What’s Not to Love?


OMG…Finally on March 31st we are getting a shipment of our MOST popular product! I’m so excited & can’t wait to use these Lip Glitz. If you are interested in trying them, you need to pre-order from me because it’s not listed on our website yet. I know our system will be tested on March 31st!

What you get….you get 2 of our Glitz and gloss for only $17.50! Above are the colors you can choose from….Message me if you “Just Gotta Have It” too! 🙂

Wait till you see what we have coming out next….


Acti HUGE Announcement


OMG it’s been such a crazy week! I haven’t written in a while because I was getting ready for Acti-Labs’ HUGE announcement….first, we are offering something so incredible, that no other direct sales company has EVER offered! Second, We will be announcing new products from now till the end of May! I’m so excited to try these new products! They look amazing & knowing this company as well as I do, I know they will BE amazing too!

Now if you know anything about direct sales, if you want to reach the top & build the empire they all try to sell you, thn you MUST get in on Ground Floor. Period!

Well Acti-Labs will be celebrating their year anniversary on March 31st! During this past year, I can not believe how we’ve grown, how close knit of a family we all are & how involved the owners are directly pro-active with us! You will NEVER find another company like us…EVER! I’ve been with so many other companies, and what I’ve learned since taking a leap of faith with Acti-Labs, well I can’t even begin to explain.

I’ve met so many incredible, empowering, dedicated& inspiring women, which became my family. We talk everyday, interact with each other when we do LIVES, I know each & every one of them. Even the owners, John & Yelena Miller. This really is an incredible company!

Now for your amazing chance to start your own empire or part time business….Join us for ONLY $27.50/$35CAD & you get to become an Ambassador, you get a FREE online store, FREE training, UNLIMITED support from my 4 carat team (going 5 carat real soon!)

You ALSO get a $40/$50CAD voucher to use on ANY acti products to build your kit OR you can upgrade to one of our 5 specialty kits!!

Choose your SuperPower! You can specialize in: Body-Sculpter ($59.50/$80CAD), Hair-Ologist ($59.50/$80CAD), Slim-Bassador($40/$50CAD), Makeup-Junkie($59.50/$80CAD) or Skin-Thusiast($40/$50CAD). How amazing is that???

If you’d like more information on our opportunity or our products, just ask me!

Stay tuned for our new products review…..

3 Days Till Acti-Labs BIG Announcement!


Wow it’s been such a busy week! I’ve been working on my business a lot this week, I’m so close to achieving 1 Carat it’s crazy! Then, in three days Acti-Labs is making a HUGE announcement & at the end of the month we will present new products just in time for Spring!

OMG you gotta see the new products coming out on the 31st, I’m so, so excited!!

If you’d like to learn more about Acti-Labs products or our opportunity, come like my Facebook page & join my LIVE events!

I wish I could talk about our new products in detail, but, I’ll give you a hint…I know you’ll love our new mascara, same formula as the current one just with a new twist, which BTW is fabulous!

We also have an incredible highlighter that I am SO excited to use & show the possibilities with this new product.

So stay tuned as the countdown continues!

My Acti-Wrap Results

Look at our results!2017-08-3--23-40-40

These are my results from last night….after 1 wrap, 45 minutes I lost 2″!

Last night was my “IT’S WRAP WEDNESDAY!!!” Look at these results! Can you believe it?? Only 45 minutes!! 16 applications for $45!

YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! 16 applications for $45!! And it is REAL FAT LOSS AND TIGHTENING!!! Won’t come back when you shower! Wanna see LIVE results? Wrap with me!!!  
Get the wrap duo today & join me on my FB LIVE wrap!

I will also be doing a FB LIVE over the weekend to show how it’s done & see how fast this works….If you’re interested just message me!

I also have a video with my teams results from last night…we did a Massive Wednesday Wrap!

Look at our results!


Who Wants Longer Healthy Hair?


For a limited time, you can get all 4 of our amazing hair care products!

So, what’s the mermaid challenge? Well, its another challenge I’m doing. I have curly dry hair. If you can make a wig (like me) out of the hair you see after washing your hair, well you’re not going bald, but, your hair is breaking which is making it thinner. If you notice that your hair doesn’t seem to be growing, well it is, it’s just breaking off so you don’t see the growth.

I dye my hair & natural curly hair is normally just dry. Adding products & chemicals obviously DOES NOT help. I noticed my hair is not only breaking more but it is getting thinner! Take a few strands of your hair & twist it, if you see hair sticking out the twist, your hair is breaking. From breakage spilt ends have a feast traveling up you hair, making it even thinner!

So, I am doing a 30 Day Challenge, I’ve seem a few women use these products & not only is their hair shinier & thicker, but it also grew a lot faster! Now if you use something like Rogaine, not only are the side effects not very good for women, but it doesn’t protect or help nourish your new & existing hair growth.

So minus the dangerous chemicals & for all  4 of the Acti hair products, it’s still way cheaper than one months supply of any other hair growth product I’ve seen! I know I’ve paid the same price if not more just for a good deep conditioner!

Just so you know, this is NOT a package, just a sale of the shampoo & conditioner which makes ALL of our hair products $59! This is for a very limited time though, so take the challenge with me now!

I will post before & after pics…………..In 30 Days!!