How To Get Silky Sun-Kissed Glowing Skin


In the world of body oils, there’s a fine line between glowing like a Goddess rising from the Brazilian surf and shimmering like a sixth-grader heading to a school dance.

Achieving a “sun-kissed” look is the goal of many during the summer, and even in the months beyond — the right mixture of color and sparkle has the power to elevate a good tan, and even make pale skin look like it occasionally sees the sunlight. Living in Florida, I’m expected to be gloriously tan pretty much 365 days of the year, mostly by my New York friends & family. I’m so excited about this luxurious product enhancing my Florida glow.

This summer it’s all about that glitter and glow. I love the fact that this is a dry oil infused with glimmer & it’s non greasy! The oil magically absorbs into your skin almost instantly and doesn’t leave any oily residue. I loved that you get an obvious glow without looking greasy or sweaty, just an amazing silky glow.

This shimmering oil leaves the skin soft, smooth and glowing. Subtle gold particles add alluring shimmer to exposed areas or gloss to lustrous hair. While gold flecks highlight skin beautifully, this is the most impressive of treatment oils, infused with Argania Spinosa Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, & Shea Butter Oil.

For $17.50, you can experience this luxury …A definite MUST TRY!

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Need to Detox??


Look what’s available now! Preservative free, now with white, green & red tea leaves!  This unique tonic of powerful super fruits not only packs a real punch to your diet, but your health too!

I went from drinking 6 cups of coffee a day down to 2 cups a day just from drinking this powerful detoxing, slimming aid!  I LOVE my coffee don’t get me wrong BUT I don’t need that afternoon pick me up while sipping this throughout the day.

If you’d like to try any of our weight loss products, I HIGHLY recommend this one!  You won’t be disappointed.

Like to try our New Hydra Slim? Try it Now!

Already using our Hydra Slim? Let me know how it’s working for you, I’d love to hear from you.

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One Highlighter….10 Uses!

17742483_10212760915686096_1361549724_nHighlighters might seem a lot more complicated than they are. Using them properly, they have the ability to deliver the kind of radiant skin we usually only see on celebs—but one false move and you’re all stripes and opalescent splotches. Today we released our newest product, our H’Eye Light, this impressive packaging consists of the H’Eye light cream (comes in pink or white) with a brush on the top part, which allows for laser-like application. Here are 10 uses for this incredible new product!

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1.Perk up those eyes

With your index finger, carefully pull down your lower lid to expose your inner rim. Then gently go over your waterline with the brush, taking special care not to poke yourself!

2. Instant cheekbones without implants

Contour with this technique: Starting near the inner corner of your eye, draw with the brush downward at a slight angle until you’re in line with the center of your nose. Then, trace upwards towards outer corner of your eye. The result should look like a large check mark. Finally, blend, blend, blend.

3. Stick your shadow

Eye shadow has a tendency to slip-side right off after a couple of hours. To solve this perennial problem, dab highlighter onto lids first. The formula color-corrects like a concealer and provides a smooth surface for both shadow and liner to grasp onto.

4. Dismiss dark circles

To lighten up, gently apply in a triangle shape under your eyes and diffuse with your ring finger.

5. Get the glow

Apply highlighter all over to your face using long, outward strokes. Layer on your usual foundation with a brush, blending the two products together. Watch skin take on a lovely glow.

6. Brighten up your face

Glide the pencil above your brows in a large, upside-down U-shape. Blend with your ring finger or a small, densely bristled brush.

7. Accentuate those arches

To highlight the natural shape of brows and give them a lift, apply along the brow bone and blend.

8. Look alive

To erase the effects of late nights and little sleep, trace along the inner corners of your eyes. The light-reflecting particles work like eight cups of coffee (minus the jitters).

9. Slim your nose

Swipe the highlighter down the bridge of your nose and pat into skin to bring all the attention to the middle of your face.

10. Get Angelina Jolie’s lips

OK, not quite. But fuller-looking lips are within your grasp: Dab the highlighter just above your cupid’s bow.

The light areas are where you should apply the highlighter…


Lip Glitz…What’s Not to Love?


OMG…Finally on March 31st we are getting a shipment of our MOST popular product! I’m so excited & can’t wait to use these Lip Glitz. If you are interested in trying them, you need to pre-order from me because it’s not listed on our website yet. I know our system will be tested on March 31st!

What you get….you get 2 of our Glitz and gloss for only $17.50! Above are the colors you can choose from….Message me if you “Just Gotta Have It” too! 🙂

Wait till you see what we have coming out next….


Who Wants Longer Healthy Hair?


For a limited time, you can get all 4 of our amazing hair care products!

So, what’s the mermaid challenge? Well, its another challenge I’m doing. I have curly dry hair. If you can make a wig (like me) out of the hair you see after washing your hair, well you’re not going bald, but, your hair is breaking which is making it thinner. If you notice that your hair doesn’t seem to be growing, well it is, it’s just breaking off so you don’t see the growth.

I dye my hair & natural curly hair is normally just dry. Adding products & chemicals obviously DOES NOT help. I noticed my hair is not only breaking more but it is getting thinner! Take a few strands of your hair & twist it, if you see hair sticking out the twist, your hair is breaking. From breakage spilt ends have a feast traveling up you hair, making it even thinner!

So, I am doing a 30 Day Challenge, I’ve seem a few women use these products & not only is their hair shinier & thicker, but it also grew a lot faster! Now if you use something like Rogaine, not only are the side effects not very good for women, but it doesn’t protect or help nourish your new & existing hair growth.

So minus the dangerous chemicals & for all  4 of the Acti hair products, it’s still way cheaper than one months supply of any other hair growth product I’ve seen! I know I’ve paid the same price if not more just for a good deep conditioner!

Just so you know, this is NOT a package, just a sale of the shampoo & conditioner which makes ALL of our hair products $59! This is for a very limited time though, so take the challenge with me now!

I will post before & after pics…………..In 30 Days!!

My 7 Day Challenge


Ok so I was bragging about my 7 Day Challenge to loose 10lbs now (was 15)! I was as far as 5 days then I forgot to wrap because I was running around like a headless chicken. On that crazy note, like kids playing a game when they screw up they have a “do over”. Well I’ve come to terms that I am going to have to do a “7 day Challenge”  do over!

I did loose 5 lbs and 1 1/4″ off my belly & 1/2″ on my thighs, yes it stayed off!  I am also waiting for my Super Green Skinny Blitz Plus, there is a smaller version also. Of course, I got the larger one! I am still taking my pro-biotic  (here is the article on pro-biotics).

So, now as soon as I get my order in, I will start this challenge over….AGAIN. LOL

This time I will be doing ALL the products I intended to from day one. Because I have NO patience & didn’t want to wait for my Skinny Blitz Plus I did the wrap first only.

Also, I researched the “bandage” benefit more since I had a heavy workout the first time I used the bandages. Ok, so it’s not as hard as I made it seem the first time I did it, once again no patience! You use the bandages WITH the saran wrap for maximum benefits. It does make a HUGE difference.

So it turns out I DON’T KNOW IT ALL! Go figure…….

Until I start my challenge again……………..Let me know if you’d like to join me on this mission.  I will also be going LIVE on my facebook demonstrating the Wrap Duo! I’m working up the nerve.

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Till tomorrow…………..Look Fabulous!

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Acti Toothpaste Now Available!


It’s back! I’m sorry if anyone was disappointed that our Diamond Lustre toothpaste was out of stock…well it’s back now! This is one of our best selling products because of the amazing results everyone’s been getting! We can manufacture this product fast enough.

We have fluoride & fluoride free available.  For only $4.50 this is a real bargain compared to “drug store” brands that are much higher in price.

Why not try Diamond Lustre today & enjoy whiter teeth tomorrow??

Top 5 Bad Habits Keeping You From Glowing Skin


Ok, here’s a little background on me: I have been a cosmetologist for over 35 years, I have been using homeopathy for inside & outside and I have been making my own mineral cosmetics and skin care products for over 3 decades! So what I’ve learned is that we have some bad habits that prevent us from having the clear, youthful, glowing skin we want. They shared some really great tips! Even if you’re committed to eating clean and using natural skin care, you’re probably guilty of at least one of these skin-sabotaging habits:

1.      Eating excess Sugar AND stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup

A 2013 study on the connection between blood sugar and aging found that participants who had higher blood sugar levels were also rated as looking older. The sugar was aging them! There’s already so many reasons to avoid sugar (especially processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup), so this is just one more for the list. Having your blood sugar constantly spiking and then falling is an unhealthy cycle, and your skin will show it.

2.      Sleeping on pillow cases washed with toxic laundry detergent

If you’re getting enough sleep, you’re spending 1/3 of your life with your face resting on a pillow. Think about the ingredients in the laundry detergent you use. Do you want your face next to those chemicals for 1/3 of your life? Your skin (and overall health) may benefit from switching to a natural laundry detergent. Try to a void detergents with fragrance (which is proprietary information and thus the real ingredients aren’t listed on the label) and brighteners (these chemicals stay on fabric after they are washed). Also, steer clear of chemical-laden dryer sheets! Also try sleeping with a satin pillowcase, cotton tends to absorb the much needed natural oils in our skin and hair!

3.       Using unnatural makeup

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, but putting on foundation, blush, concealer, and eye makeup everyday could be making your skin less healthy. Most makeup brands use ingredients that not only fail to promote a radiant complexion, but can actually compromise your health. The list of what to avoid is so long we won’t attempt to cover that today, but favoring natural mineral makeup is a good rule of thumb for avoiding these toxic ingredients. If you live in the US like I do, you’d be shocked to know there are over 1328 toxic ingredients that are banned in Europe, China, Japan and other countries, that the US only bans 11 of them, the rest is allowed in our skin care, makeup, food, etc!

4.       Not exfoliating

This one is pretty simple. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, opening up your pore s and helping you absorb your natural serums and oils. As we get older, our rate of cell turnover decreases, so exfoliating becomes even more important. Don’t skip this important part of your skin care routine! A few times a week, use a facial scrub after you cleanse your face, then follow with your skin’s favorite moisturizer.

5.       Eating from a box

Sometimes convenience calls to us, but we can’t expect our skin to glow when we’re feeding it with lots of sodium, preservatives, and synthetic nutrient additives that we can’t actually absorb. Really nourish yourself with your food. Incorporate green smoothies and seasonal salads into your daily diet. Enjoy generous portions of both cooked and raw veggies everyday, plus some fruit, and your skin will thank you.

If you’d like a FREE skin care evaluation or more information on Acti-Labs, contact me today!

We hope you enjoy this offer and please let us know how they make you feel once you’ve tried them.

Acti-Labs are Cosmeceutical Products – Do you know the difference??

I LOVE Acti-Labs

Cosmeceuticals are the technically advanced skin care products that bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, combining medical based ingredients and natural ingredients to deliver essential nutrients to the skin!

Did you know that in the US they allow 17 toxic ingredients in skincare, cosmetics &b some nutrition products that are banned in Europe, China & Japan!

Manufactured in France from OUR own labs makes Acti-Labs that much more special!


Try our skincare today!

Day 1 of My 7-Day Challenge


OK so I cheated a little, I started last night! I started with the Thermo and used the “ace” type bandages (Wrap Duo Kit comes with 2). Like I have posted before, I have done wraps that I made myself in the past, I used saran wrap and not ace bandages. So, I decided to try it with the ace bandages. I’m going to count that as a workout, because I was sweating trying to keep the bandages in place. I lost 1/8″ on my belly & thighs. YAY! This morning I decides to go with my old time favorite, saran wrap. Much easier to apply because it sticks wher you leave it, it’s easier to “pull” around your body, because the key is to tighten the area without suffocating yourself and allow the covered area to sweat in order to detox. I left it on for about 1/2 while I did my makeup, then I took off the wrap. I lost an ADDITIONAL 1/2″ off my belly & thighs. I have a before picture and after my 7 days I will post the before & after picture.

Yes, if we sweat we will loose inches because of excess water & toxins BUT will it stay off? Well if we use products that assist with the removal of toxins, induce sweating, caffeine tightens the skin and other ingredients in these 2 products will assist with the inches remaining off and increase cellular construction (which is breaking down the fat & filling in the spaces (that lumpy look cellulite creates) so the fat in our skin is replaced with healthy “plump”cells that give a smooth appearance).  Now isn’t this the purpose of doing a wrap to begin with?

So far my skin feels smooth and moisturized. I’m excited about the inches lost.My belly has flattened down a lot! I will be doing this twice a day for 7 days. At this point I am taking my pro-biotics & wrap. I am waiting for my order so I can start my super green skinny juice & hydro slim combo.

Let’s see how much stays off tomorrow & how much more I lose!

Till tomorrow………

The Eyes Have It!


Skyscraper Mascara Special Offer before updated version arrives!

Designed for spectacular but elegant volume and form.
Key Ingredients: Beeswax, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

This is my absolute favorite mascara in the world! Normally I would use 3 different mascaras to get the same result I get with just using this one!

I love the brush and this formula gives maximum results. And only for $5.50 for a limited time before the updated version arrives, this is a much cheaper price than “drug store” bought and you get the highest quality…..Try this mascara today at this low price, you won’t regret it!

Comment me if you’re interested or use this product.