Tone It! Tan It! Contouring Secrets


This is the most amazing self tanning product out there yet. The Cannes Beach is a firming, anit-cellulite self tanner! Talk about a double whammie!

OK, so why use a self tanner? We all know the damaging effects of UV rays right? I must confess though, I DO take the sun often BUT I don’t take it on my face, I use self tanner!

In order to get a natural tan from ultraviolet light, your skin has to be injured! Self-tanners don’t damage your skin.

How Do Self Tanners Work?

The active ingredient in most sunless tanning products is the color additive, dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is a colorless sugar that interacts with the dead cells located in the stratum corneum of the epidermis. As the sugar interacts with the dead skin cells, a color change occurs the skin’s surface to temporarily darken the skin and simulate a tan. This change usually lasts about five to seven days from the initial application. This is why exfoliating BEFORE you apply self tanners is important!

Every day, millions of dead skin cells are sloughed off or worn away from the surface of your skin. In fact, every 35 to 45 days, you have an entirely new epidermis. This is why tans from sunless- or self-tanning lotions will gradually fade — as the dead cells are worn away, so is your tan. For this reason, most of these products suggest that you reapply the sunless- or self-tanner about every three days to maintain your “tan.”

Fake It ‘Til You Make It…Contouring Tips

There is no doubt that adding a layer of self tan all over before you put your bikini on or slip into a little black dress will give you more than a tan. It will also give you a layer of confidence. Self tan alone gives the illusion of a more toned body, evens out your skin tone and help to cover unwanted veins or blemishes. To take it to the next level you can do some contouring to enhance your muscles. To do so, flex and find the shadow below your muscle and, using a small make up sponge, add an extra layer of your self tanner  to the shadow. Don’t go overboard with this, you are enhancing your tone not painting it on!

Step 1: Exfoliate your entire body in the shower with a loofah and shave all areas of the body you usually remove hair from.
Step 2: Moisturize dry areas of your body, typically around your feet, ankles, knees, hands, wrists and elbows with a light layer of lotion.
Step 3: Liberally apply self tanner with long, soft strokes to your entire body. Keep in mind it’s better to apply too much than too little, as the missed areas will give you a “streaky” uneven look.
Step 4: Shower about eight hours later to reveal your bronzed glow and to remove leftover cosmetic from your body. Then grab your self-tanner again and use a make up sponge to “paint” in lines where they naturally occur on your body.

On your abs: flex your muscles and paint down the center vertical line of your abdomen from just below your sternum to your belly button and repeat down the sides of your obliques.

On your arms: hold one arm out and flex your muscles. Paint a line of self-tanner between your bicep and triceps. Repeat on the other arm.

On your legs: apply an extra coat of self-tanner to the entire insides of your thighs and a bit more to the outer parts, leaving the middle section without as much tanner.

*If you were a bit too heavy handed with any of the above applications, you can always use a dry loofah to buff away lines after you have showered.

If you are weary of tanning yourself, make an appointment with a professional salon to get a spray tan. When there, ask them to create muscle definition for you — and don’t be embarrassed, they hear it all the time. Have fun!


Once I have my desired color I like to add our Silk Stocking to further enhance that glow!

Let me know if you have tried contouring with self tanners & how it has worked for you.

Till next time…………………………


What’s the Perfect Skin Care Routine?


Step 1: Know What Your Skin Type Is

Want great-looking skin? Start by knowing your skin type. Then you’ll know the BEST way to take care of it.

FYI Never use products that contain alcohol on your skin! It’s too damaging & drying… Especially on Oily or Acne Prone skin! When you have Oily or Acne prone skin, your sebaceous glands are what produces sebum which is the nature oils in our skin. When you have Oily or Acne prone skin those glands are working overtime! So what happens when you dry out your skin?  Those glands sense your skin is dry & then they…Produce MORE oil! Now you have dry skin with overactive oil glands!  This is what causes those wonderful pimples or cysts under your skin. You know the ones that hurt so much & hang out for about 2 months!

  • Normal skin is balanced, clear, and not sensitive.
  • Oily/Acne Prone skin is shiny, greasy, and may have big pores.
  • Combination skin is dry in some spots (cheeks) and oily in others (forehead, nose, and chin).
  • Sensitive skin may sting, burn, or itch after you use some makeup or other products.
  • Dry skin is flaky, scaly, or rough.
  • Mature skin can start as young as 30! Crow’s feet, laugh lines & wrinkles around your lips & forehead. If you are a Sun Goddess like me, then you need this type of treatment for sun damaged skin.  Sun spots, dry surface skin (might be oily but on the surface is dry or peeling) & loss of elasticity fall into this category.

Step 2: Cleanser

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT ever use soap on your face! The skin on your face, especially around your eyes is very delicate. The PH in soap is not balanced for the skin on your face. Period!

So what cleanser should you use? Well it’s based on your skin type. I recommend a blend of antibacterial and cleansing ingredients including Sodium cocoyl isethionate to help gently cleanse your skin by removing hidden dirt and unclogging pores.

Normal skin to Combination skin can use the same type of cleanser, you can use a lotion or foaming .

Oily or Acne Prone skin can use the same cleansers, use an oil free cleanser.  The PH balance is different for these skin types.

Dry & Mature skin can use the same cleanser it helps to use products with NaPCA & Hyluronic Acid to help your skin GENTLY exfoliate.

Sensitive skin needs to be more careful.  This really depends on what your allergies are for.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself allergic to an “Hypoallergenic” type product.  This just means it was tested for “common” allergies, but no one knows what those allergies are. This label pisses me off, it’s SO misleading! Unfortunately, this one is trial & error for you.

Step 3: Toner/Re-balance

I have been using toner since I started wearing make up & taking care of my skin. Today we have such amazing products & science has come a long way with skin care.  A lot of people don’t understand why toner is necessary.  Well for one, after we cleanse our skin the PH balance is off, a good toner helps balance that out.  It prepares your skin for the next step for maximum absorption …your face cream.  Toner is also used to set your make up & rehydrate your skin throughout the day. As for toners, there are many out there & once you know what your skin type is you’ll be able to choose the right one for you. I personally feel all skin types can use the same toner. I have been a cosmetologist for over 30 yrs, I specialized in skin & custom make up, so I am VERY familiar with what works & what is bull. Personally I use a food tonic for my toner!

Step 4: Treat

Depending on your skin & what needs to be treated, this is the time you put those special treatments to work.  I use serums under my moisturizer.

Step 5: Moisturize

You may think you’re too young to need moisturizer — or your skin is too oily — but all skin needs moisture. Moisturizers help keep your skin from drying out. Use it every day, no matter what skin type you have. Apply it while your skin is still damp from washing or toning to help seal in moisture. If you have acne or your skin is oily, find a moisturizer that is lightweight and oil-free, so it doesn’t block your pores.

As for the Mature/Dry skin friends, well I use products with Collagen, NaPCA, Hyluronic  & Vitamin C & I have seen a tremendous difference in my skin!

Now this might be the time I say to use sunscreen.  But I don’t believe in putting sunscreen on your face before your makeup. Most makeup, especially mineral makeup has sunscreen in it! You don’t need to clog your pores with a sunscreen if you’re wearing makeup. Now if your face is bare…YES put it on!

Once per week I totally recommend doing a mask.  This help remove impurities from the week, helps balance out your skin & helps exfoliate (depending on what mask you use).

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Vesuvio Mask, I can’t live without it!

Not sure what you need for your skin? Why not get a FREE consultation with me wherever you are? No obligations I promise!!

Want to know what my skin regime is? Just ask!

Hope this was of some value to you.  let me know what your skin care regimen is.

Till tomorrow………….

Acti HUGE Announcement


OMG it’s been such a crazy week! I haven’t written in a while because I was getting ready for Acti-Labs’ HUGE announcement….first, we are offering something so incredible, that no other direct sales company has EVER offered! Second, We will be announcing new products from now till the end of May! I’m so excited to try these new products! They look amazing & knowing this company as well as I do, I know they will BE amazing too!

Now if you know anything about direct sales, if you want to reach the top & build the empire they all try to sell you, thn you MUST get in on Ground Floor. Period!

Well Acti-Labs will be celebrating their year anniversary on March 31st! During this past year, I can not believe how we’ve grown, how close knit of a family we all are & how involved the owners are directly pro-active with us! You will NEVER find another company like us…EVER! I’ve been with so many other companies, and what I’ve learned since taking a leap of faith with Acti-Labs, well I can’t even begin to explain.

I’ve met so many incredible, empowering, dedicated& inspiring women, which became my family. We talk everyday, interact with each other when we do LIVES, I know each & every one of them. Even the owners, John & Yelena Miller. This really is an incredible company!

Now for your amazing chance to start your own empire or part time business….Join us for ONLY $27.50/$35CAD & you get to become an Ambassador, you get a FREE online store, FREE training, UNLIMITED support from my 4 carat team (going 5 carat real soon!)

You ALSO get a $40/$50CAD voucher to use on ANY acti products to build your kit OR you can upgrade to one of our 5 specialty kits!!

Choose your SuperPower! You can specialize in: Body-Sculpter ($59.50/$80CAD), Hair-Ologist ($59.50/$80CAD), Slim-Bassador($40/$50CAD), Makeup-Junkie($59.50/$80CAD) or Skin-Thusiast($40/$50CAD). How amazing is that???

If you’d like more information on our opportunity or our products, just ask me!

Stay tuned for our new products review…..

Top 5 Bad Habits Keeping You From Glowing Skin


Ok, here’s a little background on me: I have been a cosmetologist for over 35 years, I have been using homeopathy for inside & outside and I have been making my own mineral cosmetics and skin care products for over 3 decades! So what I’ve learned is that we have some bad habits that prevent us from having the clear, youthful, glowing skin we want. They shared some really great tips! Even if you’re committed to eating clean and using natural skin care, you’re probably guilty of at least one of these skin-sabotaging habits:

1.      Eating excess Sugar AND stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup

A 2013 study on the connection between blood sugar and aging found that participants who had higher blood sugar levels were also rated as looking older. The sugar was aging them! There’s already so many reasons to avoid sugar (especially processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup), so this is just one more for the list. Having your blood sugar constantly spiking and then falling is an unhealthy cycle, and your skin will show it.

2.      Sleeping on pillow cases washed with toxic laundry detergent

If you’re getting enough sleep, you’re spending 1/3 of your life with your face resting on a pillow. Think about the ingredients in the laundry detergent you use. Do you want your face next to those chemicals for 1/3 of your life? Your skin (and overall health) may benefit from switching to a natural laundry detergent. Try to a void detergents with fragrance (which is proprietary information and thus the real ingredients aren’t listed on the label) and brighteners (these chemicals stay on fabric after they are washed). Also, steer clear of chemical-laden dryer sheets! Also try sleeping with a satin pillowcase, cotton tends to absorb the much needed natural oils in our skin and hair!

3.       Using unnatural makeup

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, but putting on foundation, blush, concealer, and eye makeup everyday could be making your skin less healthy. Most makeup brands use ingredients that not only fail to promote a radiant complexion, but can actually compromise your health. The list of what to avoid is so long we won’t attempt to cover that today, but favoring natural mineral makeup is a good rule of thumb for avoiding these toxic ingredients. If you live in the US like I do, you’d be shocked to know there are over 1328 toxic ingredients that are banned in Europe, China, Japan and other countries, that the US only bans 11 of them, the rest is allowed in our skin care, makeup, food, etc!

4.       Not exfoliating

This one is pretty simple. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, opening up your pore s and helping you absorb your natural serums and oils. As we get older, our rate of cell turnover decreases, so exfoliating becomes even more important. Don’t skip this important part of your skin care routine! A few times a week, use a facial scrub after you cleanse your face, then follow with your skin’s favorite moisturizer.

5.       Eating from a box

Sometimes convenience calls to us, but we can’t expect our skin to glow when we’re feeding it with lots of sodium, preservatives, and synthetic nutrient additives that we can’t actually absorb. Really nourish yourself with your food. Incorporate green smoothies and seasonal salads into your daily diet. Enjoy generous portions of both cooked and raw veggies everyday, plus some fruit, and your skin will thank you.

If you’d like a FREE skin care evaluation or more information on Acti-Labs, contact me today!

We hope you enjoy this offer and please let us know how they make you feel once you’ve tried them.

Acti-Labs are Cosmeceutical Products – Do you know the difference??

I LOVE Acti-Labs

Cosmeceuticals are the technically advanced skin care products that bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, combining medical based ingredients and natural ingredients to deliver essential nutrients to the skin!

Did you know that in the US they allow 17 toxic ingredients in skincare, cosmetics &b some nutrition products that are banned in Europe, China & Japan!

Manufactured in France from OUR own labs makes Acti-Labs that much more special!


Try our skincare today!

Day 1 of My 7-Day Challenge


OK so I cheated a little, I started last night! I started with the Thermo and used the “ace” type bandages (Wrap Duo Kit comes with 2). Like I have posted before, I have done wraps that I made myself in the past, I used saran wrap and not ace bandages. So, I decided to try it with the ace bandages. I’m going to count that as a workout, because I was sweating trying to keep the bandages in place. I lost 1/8″ on my belly & thighs. YAY! This morning I decides to go with my old time favorite, saran wrap. Much easier to apply because it sticks wher you leave it, it’s easier to “pull” around your body, because the key is to tighten the area without suffocating yourself and allow the covered area to sweat in order to detox. I left it on for about 1/2 while I did my makeup, then I took off the wrap. I lost an ADDITIONAL 1/2″ off my belly & thighs. I have a before picture and after my 7 days I will post the before & after picture.

Yes, if we sweat we will loose inches because of excess water & toxins BUT will it stay off? Well if we use products that assist with the removal of toxins, induce sweating, caffeine tightens the skin and other ingredients in these 2 products will assist with the inches remaining off and increase cellular construction (which is breaking down the fat & filling in the spaces (that lumpy look cellulite creates) so the fat in our skin is replaced with healthy “plump”cells that give a smooth appearance).  Now isn’t this the purpose of doing a wrap to begin with?

So far my skin feels smooth and moisturized. I’m excited about the inches lost.My belly has flattened down a lot! I will be doing this twice a day for 7 days. At this point I am taking my pro-biotics & wrap. I am waiting for my order so I can start my super green skinny juice & hydro slim combo.

Let’s see how much stays off tomorrow & how much more I lose!

Till tomorrow………

Repair & Soothe Your Skin for Spring!

Great for Dry Skin, Skin Aliments & Pregnant Women!

Collagen & Kelp Body Fondant $39.50-Collagen is the main structural protein present in the skin. It gives body tissues form, strength and firmness. Unfortunately, the reality is that as we age, our bodies are no longer able to produce collagen at the level it once did. On the plus side, there are ways to boost your body’s collagen.

Collagen & Kelp Fondant is formula rich in marine collagen and kelp extracts. It’s texture instantly offers a special moment of luscious daily body care indulgence.

Do you or anyone in your family suffer from dry skin or other skin aliments? 

This product is a must have for your ENTIRE family! Spring is coming within the next 4 weeks, now is the time to get your dry skin healthy & hydrated. This product is great for burns, bug bites, rashes itchy skin, etc. My son started using this product for his razor burns with such great results, he also suffers from eczema on his elbows, especially this time of the year in South Florida, in a week of applying this daily he no longer suffers from the itching, burning & bumpy elbows he’s been battling for years, he’s now hooked on it! This is also safe for babies and does wonders for pregnant or postpartum women!

The ingredient are: water, CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE, now it sounds so chemically but its actually a mixed triester derived from coconut oil and glycerin, which mainly works as an emollient, dispersing agent and solvent, BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER (shea butter), which is used for moisturizing or as a salve,great for dry or cracked skin, PROPYLENE GLYCOL this is an organic alcohol that is used as a conditioning agent, HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN is composed of small amino acids, which help form new collagen in the body, and FUCUS VESICULOSIS EXTRACT  this is the scientific name for a species of brown seaweed called bladderwrack; extracts are commonly referred to as bladderwrack extracts. Bladderwrack is found in abundance on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts from Europe to Asia. This is just a small list of the “nature’s” ingredients, although not all organic, all ingredient derive from nature, never tested on animals nor are any of their ingredients! Talk about animal friendly………..

This tub will last about 3-4 months easily if used daily, So you definitely get your money’s worth with this product.

If you’d like to purchase this product or would like more information on this or any of Acti products, contact me today! 

New Skin Mask is one of my favorites!


Vesuvio Mineral Mask contains 15% Glycolic Acid and volcanic soil it helps eliminate dead cells. Basically, in regular people terms it takes the nasty little dead skin sitting on your face and leaves you with reduced winkles and overall improved skin texture.

Now as for Mount Vesuvio, I know this volcano all too well! My mother was born in Naples, Italy and lived near this volcano. So I am well aware of the benefits of this soil!

Many of the farms are based in the Bay of Naples. Much of southern Italy is formed from limestone and has poor quality soil. However, the area around Mount Vesuvius has been covered with thick layers of ash and lava from eruptions such as that of 79AD which covered Pompeii and Herculaneum with volcanic material.

My mom also told me that the danger of the volcano simply isn’t something that they consider and that it was the quality of the earth under their feet that led them to develop vineyards there – and helped them to keep their operation organic (even back then!)

The soil is formed from volcanic ash and broken down pieces of lava this is what makes it incredibly nourishing . While the ash is packed with the valuable minerals, the porous lava has another purpose – it acts as a sponge, soaking up moisture and storing it, releasing it slowly when moisture is needed.

This ash and lava is rich in minerals and nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, which are essential for cell rejuvenation.

We don’t all have time for the vigilant skin care habits of French women but indulging in a face mask provides some of the rewards of a spa facial at home. Vesuvio mask boasts an impressive list of ingredients including Volcanic soil, Maris Limus Dead Sea silt, Camellia Sinesis green tea extract & Sodium Hyaluronate.

Now for the next two words – Glycolic, Acid! Sounds a little scary? The word “Acid” alone does a bit, I know. Glycolic acid  is part of the group of active compounds known as AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids). Derived from cane sugar: It has the smallest molecules in the group so is able to penetrate skin deeply and easily, making it the most effective for treating fine lines, acne, blackheads, dullness, oiliness etc. Using this product weekly, (in the beginning, twice a week) has seriously transformed my skin! I wish I had a before picture from a couple of years ago to really show the difference. But I will use this stuff the rest of my life!

How to use : Apply twice a week to the face and neck. Softly massage onto the skin. Avoid contact with eyes and the delicate eye contour. Leave for 10 – 20 minutes then rinse with warm water.

If you’d like to try the  Vesuvio Mineral Mask $17.00, let me know how I can help you and if you have also tried this, let me know what you think!