Acti HUGE Announcement


OMG it’s been such a crazy week! I haven’t written in a while because I was getting ready for Acti-Labs’ HUGE announcement….first, we are offering something so incredible, that no other direct sales company has EVER offered! Second, We will be announcing new products from now till the end of May! I’m so excited to try these new products! They look amazing & knowing this company as well as I do, I know they will BE amazing too!

Now if you know anything about direct sales, if you want to reach the top & build the empire they all try to sell you, thn you MUST get in on Ground Floor. Period!

Well Acti-Labs will be celebrating their year anniversary on March 31st! During this past year, I can not believe how we’ve grown, how close knit of a family we all are & how involved the owners are directly pro-active with us! You will NEVER find another company like us…EVER! I’ve been with so many other companies, and what I’ve learned since taking a leap of faith with Acti-Labs, well I can’t even begin to explain.

I’ve met so many incredible, empowering, dedicated& inspiring women, which became my family. We talk everyday, interact with each other when we do LIVES, I know each & every one of them. Even the owners, John & Yelena Miller. This really is an incredible company!

Now for your amazing chance to start your own empire or part time business….Join us for ONLY $27.50/$35CAD & you get to become an Ambassador, you get a FREE online store, FREE training, UNLIMITED support from my 4 carat team (going 5 carat real soon!)

You ALSO get a $40/$50CAD voucher to use on ANY acti products to build your kit OR you can upgrade to one of our 5 specialty kits!!

Choose your SuperPower! You can specialize in: Body-Sculpter ($59.50/$80CAD), Hair-Ologist ($59.50/$80CAD), Slim-Bassador($40/$50CAD), Makeup-Junkie($59.50/$80CAD) or Skin-Thusiast($40/$50CAD). How amazing is that???

If you’d like more information on our opportunity or our products, just ask me!

Stay tuned for our new products review…..

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