July Must-Haves Are All About Looking Healthy


As you move right along into your summer, don’t leave your beauty bag high & dry. There are still plenty of goodies that are worthy of any beauty addict’s time.

Here’s a list of all the beauty products many are loving this month, especially my “must haves” for summer!

So get scrolling & discover all the new beauty products we think are well worth getting your hands on — like, now!


The hair, makeup, & skin-care products I’m obsessing over right now…

Acti Labs Skincare: Vesuvio Mineral Face Mask

Vesuvio Mask: For when you need great skin and a glowing complexion…

Keep your skin glowing & refreshed. Vesuvio mask boasts an impressive list of ingredients including Volcanic soil, Maris Limus Dead Sea silt, Camellia Sinesis green tea extract & Sodium Hyaluronate. $12.00


Silk Stockings (Shimmer Dry Oil)

Silk Stockings Shimmer Oil:A Touch of sun…

Keep that tan glowing with a touch of radiance. Shimmering dry oil contains tiny shimmering mineral particles. It nourishes & leaves a satin finish sheen which illuminates skin. $17.50

Acti Labs Skincare: Diamond Dust Face Powder

Diamond Dust: Dust yourself with Diamonds…

Enhance your natural beauty with a healthy, sun-kissed glow. Gives skin a healthy, sun-kissed glow while enhances tanned skin. Arguably one of our prettiest products. Diamond Dust can be used as a multi-purpose blush, bronzer, highlighter & corrective cover powder. Each compact contains 6 correcting or light- enhancing shades in a mosaic pattern to help match your complexion. $27.50

Acti Labs Skincare: Acti Parfum

Acti Parfum: Remarkably fresh…

A crisp, light and uplifting Natural perfume, ideal for Summer. The organic rose flower water contained in this eau de parfum has moisturizing and regenerating properties and supports the main notes. $18.00

Frizz Police

Frizz-Police: Make sure frizz is well-behaved…

Styling cream enriched with minerals to control your style and boost hair health.  Smooth, melting texture spreads easily through the hair without build up to control Frizz. $12.50

Acti Labs Skincare: Leave It Conditioning Styling Lotion

Leave-It: Conditioning styling lotion…

Sun, chlorine & salt water can take a toll on your hair, leaving it dry & unmanageable. Soft hold and lightweight mist adds glossy shine. Smooths frizz & controls fly-aways. $9.50


ManeTame: Special get both Frizz Police & Leave -It for a special price! $19.50

Acti Labs Skincare: Coconut Bath Box

Coconut Bath Box: Great as a gift…to yourself!

Bring the smell of summer into your at home spa. Treat yourself with the heavenly coconut scent of luxury.
Coconut Bath & Body Gift Set includes: Coconut Shower Gel (180ml), Coconut Bubble Bath (180ml), Coconut Body Cream (50ml), Coconut Body Lotion (105ml), Coconut Mini Bath Bombs (x4) combined into a Gift Box. $19.50

Acti Labs Skincare: Express Refresh Light

Express Refresh:  Dry Shampoo with Collagen…

While many associate collagen (a protein that is found in most connective tissues & makes up about 30% of our body) with skin, it’s important to note, that it’s a vital ingredient for hair health as well, especially as you age. Collagen in the hair shaft, strengthens the hair follicles and improves hair growth. Reveal fresher, fuller-looking, beautiful hair. Benefits are both immediate & long-term. You’ll see a boost in volume  while stronger, shinier & more resilient hair will develop after a few applications. $8.50

Acti Labs Skincare: Refresh and Revive Offer

Refresh & Revive Offer: All you need for that spontaneous weekend getaway…

Includes: Pit Stick – FREE FROM: Aluminium Chlorohydrate and Parabens, Keep your underarms feeling fresh and well looked after with a swoosh of Pit Stick Anti-Perspirant.

Diamond Lustre Tooth Cream – daily care whilst restoring natural whiteness. Naturally & safely whiten teeth.

Konjac Sponge – Natural cleansing sponge. Made with nothing but 100% top quality Konjac plant root. Konjac is reputed for its health giving properties and used by
the Japanese for over 1500 years, having originally been used as a medicine in the sixth century.The unique net like structure of the sponge, gently massages the skin and stimulates blood ow and new growth of skin cells. Leaving the skin extremely clean and refreshed … Naturally!

100% 250ml – liquid daily vitamins for a 100% better day. Packed full of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals. 100% will give you the boost you need this season. 100% will bring sunshine to winter grey skies!

All or $27.50!

Acti Labs Skincare: LipGlitz Hot Pink and Rose Gold

LipGlitz: Choose your duo: Rose/Gold

Acti Labs Skincare: LipGlitz Mulberry and Copper


Acti Labs Skincare: LipGlitz Blue and Iridescent


Revolutionizing lip color as we know it. Lip Glitz adds intense Color, Glitz & Durability making your lips unmissable. Dazzle and shine with Lip Glitz.

Which product are you most likely to try from this list & why? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time……….

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