Tis’ The Season…11 Homemade Amazing Beauty Gifts


I know most of you are probably thinking about gift ideas right now… we all know how much people love a handmade gift. At least I know I do! When my daughter came home from pre-school with a handmade gift, it just melted my heart! So much better than anything else I could ask for.

Choosing the right gift for your loved one can be difficult, particularly when you’re shopping for somebody who seems to have absolutely everything already! The last thing you probably want to do is spend money on a gift that’s going to sit on a shelf, unused, or a trinket that they will look at once in a while but which otherwise serves no purpose.

There’s Nothing Like a Handmade Gift from a Loved One!

Does anything hurt more than knowing that a gift you chose to give someone isn’t what your recipient wanted? This can be particularly tough. So if you’re looking or something special & not only unique but one of a kind, then you might want to think about giving a handmade gift instead of purchasing something from the store. You can even make a combination & create a theme basket.

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Package these gifts in vintage French apothecary jar, mason jars,  glass bottles, sugar shakers…get creative & recycle jars you already have. I love re-using my gelato jars (I make the flavor that’s on the jar) This one is perfect for a caramel scrub, I print a label to cover the top part & leave the flavor exposed. 😉


Make it personal, one-of-a-kind & crafted with Love!

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Homemade Rose Milk Bath

  • 1 1/2 cups powdered milk (full fat if you can find it, otherwise nonfat will work)
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salt
  • 1/4 cup (or more) dried rose petals
  • Red food coloring
  • 5-7 drops Rose essential oil

Mix the powdered milk & Epsom salts together, add 2-3 drops of red food coloring. Mix until you have a uniform pink color. Then add the rose petals & essential oil. If you don’t have rose essential oil you can skip it or use any other soothing essential oil you might have, like lavender or chamomile (you can even add lavender & chamomile flowers). Then pour milk bath into a bottle or sachet & make a pretty gift tag.

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Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

2 cups granulated sugar, divided

about 1/2 cup almond oil

2 drops red food coloring (or raspberry juice)

8-10 drops Peppermint essential oil

Fill each bowl with one cup of sugar. Add the almond oil to each bowl so that the sugar is a nice soft consistency but not too wet. Stir together the oil and the sugar in each bowl. Set it aside. Take the other bowl of sugar & add red food coloring & mix it together. Add essential oil to the pink sugar & mix it well. Take a clean container & add a layer of pink sugar using a large funnel. A paper funnel works well so the sugar can easily slide into the jar. Follow with a layer of white sugar. Continue until the layers until the jar is full.

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Chocolate Sugar Scrub

1/2 cup brown  sugar

1/2 cup white sugar

1 Tbsp. cocoa baking powder (don’t add more cocoa unless doubling…it will turn your skin brown!)

1/4-1/2  cup Almond Oil, Olive Oil OR Coconut Oil

1/2 tsp. vanilla

4-6 drops of Vitamin E oil (optional)

*If you want to spice it up you can add some orange, peppermint or cinnamon essential oils for a fun twist.

Mix together the sugars & cocoa in a bowl.  Slowly add the oil until you have your desired consistency (moist not wet).  Add the vanilla & Vitamin E (optional)  & stir all together until combined.  Store in an airtight jar or container.

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Chocolate Milk Bath

1/2 cup Epsom salt or Sea Salt
1/4 cup baking soda
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 cup powdered milk


In large bowl, mix salt and baking soda. Add cocoa powder & powdered milk. Mix well & store in air tight container.

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De-stress Herbal Bath Salts

1 1/2 tablespoon dried chamomile or chamomile tea

1 1/2 tablespoon (combined) dried lavender, rosemary, &/or rose petals

1 cup Epsom salt

1 cup Kosher salt or sea salt

8-10 drops Essential oils  (combined if using more than one oil)

*Essential Oils for Stress Relief:

  • Cedar Wood – calming, soothing, sleep-promoting
  • Bergamot – uplifting, relaxing
  • Lavender – calming
  • Rosemary – uplifting, increases concentration, mental acuity
  • Lemon – refreshing, mental alertness, calming
  • Peppermint – revitalizing, cooling, invigorating
  • Eucalyptus – clarifying

Image result for homemade pumpkin face scrub

Pumpkin Spice Facial Scrub

1 cup brown sugar (the finer the better)

1/2 cup coconut oil, olive oil OR avocado oil

1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil

2 tablespoons honey

1 tablespoon ground coffee optional (anti-inflammatory properties that tighten skin,  making it feel smoother!)

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl & mix well. Store in airtight container.

Image result for homemade  body butter

Rosemary Mint Whipped Shea Body Butter


1/2 cup sweet almond oil (liquid)

1 cup Shea butter (solid)

1/2 cup coconut oil (solid)

20 drops Spearmint Essential Oil

10 drops Rosemary Essential Oi


Place Shea butter & coconut oil in a glass or porcelain bowl. Melt them using a double boiler or over a pan of boiling water. Whisk until completely melted.Remove from the heat, let it cool down a little (for about 10-15 min), Stir in almond oil & essential oils. Whisk again. Put the bowl in the fridge for about 1 hour, until the mixture hardens. Remove from the fridge & start whipping the mixture using a hand mixer for about 1-3 minutes. While whipping, its texture and color will gradually start to change from flat yellowish to creamy & silky white. Spoon it into your choice of container.

Image result for Lavender Body Butter

Lavender Whipped Body Butter

1 cup coconut oil

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil (optional)

30 drops lavender essential oil

Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl. Note: Do not melt the coconut oil first. It will only whip up if it’s solid. Mix on high speed with a wire whisk for 6-7 minutes or until whipped into a light, airy consistency. Spoon the whipped coconut oil body butter into a glass jar and cover tightly. Store at room temperature, or in the refrigerator if your house is so warm it melts the oil.

Image result for homemade rose water spray

Rose Water Toner

1/2 cup dried rose buds

hot filtered water

8-10 drops Geranium essential oil

Pour the hot water over the rose buds & let sit for 1-2 hours. Use a strainer to separate the rose buds from the rose water. Pour into a spray bottle, add geranium oil, shake the spray bottle well.

Peppermint Food Scrub | Hello Glow

Vanilla Peppermint Foot Scrub

6 peppermint candies OR 1 candy cane

1/2 cup sugar

5 drops peppermint essential oil

1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

Put about 6 peppermints or 1 candy cane in a Ziploc bag & break them up with a hammer, then crush them finely with a rolling pin. Add 1/2 cup of sugar, peppermint essential oil & vanilla extract. Massage the bag until the ingredients are mixed together & coated with the essential oil. Transfer to a covered container.

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Vanilla Rose Body Oil

Small bottle of almond oil

6-8 drops of vanilla essential oil

dried rose petals

Open bottle & add essential oil. Close the bottle & shake to combine. Don’t forget to remove the label & add your own!

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Homemade beauty gifts are a nice natural alternative to chemical-laden store-bought products, the packaging can be as eco-friendly as you want, you can customize the scents, & they’re unique! Which one will you be making?

Till next time……….








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