Success Habits of Wealthy People You Can Do Now!


Did you ever notice how certain people have gotten so successful? What sets them apart from the rest of us? Is it a great idea, motivation, persistence, a little luck? I have been studying the mindset of successful people I cross paths with, I’ve learned they ALL share certain habits! Although this isn’t breaking news, this has been around since Plato, Socrates and many, many others. Do we really understand all those famous sayings?

Well those sayings are all keys to changing your mediocre mindset into a BILLIONAIRE mindset!

Here are some habits they all had in common:

Don’t watch TV instead read

Yep, no newspaper or gossip magazines, it’s ALL about self-improvement! I stopped watching TV a long time ago & read something related to bettering my life as a whole, whether it be about health, wealth building, happiness or love. It’s all about mindset!

According to Thomas Corley, author of “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals,” 67 percent of rich people only watch TV for one hour or less per day. He also found only 6 percent of the wealthy watch reality shows, while 78 percent of the poor do. Additionally, 86 percent of the wealthy love to read with an impressive 88 percent claiming that they read for self-improvement for 30 minutes or more per day.

When you’re focused on bettering yourself, you don’t have time for other people’s drama or negative influence. Walk away!!

Make your to-do lists the night before

I started this habit a while ago also, it helps keep you on target for what is important to achieve for that day. We all seem to get distracted throughout the day, life happens, BUT when you have a to-do list you know exactly what is your priority & what you can put on your list for the next day. Successful people are known for writing their to-do-lists the night before so that they are able to set priorities for the following day. They number their lists as well to identify which tasks are the most important. Hummm…good idea!


Meditation, more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had. It gives you a chance to connect to a higher source & look within for your next moves! This is so TRUE!!  Oprah, Rupert Murdoch, Russell Simmons, Arianna Huffington & Bill Ford have all attributed mediation as a huge component to their success.

Taking care of your body and mind by relaxing, exercising, healthy eating and getting enough sleep are all ways to improve your chances of success. Need an answer to something you’re not sure what your next move should be? MEDITATE on it! You’ll be amazed I promise.

Find your productive hours

OK so this is one that only YOU can predict what will work for you. Find your MOST productive hours. For me I’m a night owl, I work best from 10pm-3am, I wake up at 7am but I really don’t focus on my business until MY productive hours. This is when you’re less likely to be interrupted. So either early morning or late at night. Find your most productive hours!  How has this attributed to their success? Because when you find your most productive hours you can focus ONLY on you, your business or whatever goals you are achieving. You will also tend to be happier and are more proactive.

Network, network, NETWORK

Successful people realize the importance of networking. In fact, research has found that networking can lead to people performing better at work and increases the chance of landing a job. Networking helps successful people be more innovative. According to Dale Carnegie’s classic “How To Win Friends & influence People,” successful people rarely complain or criticize. They are sincere and try to be empathetic. No matter WHAT you are looking for, you will find it through networking! Get out there & network, make influential friends…You know that saying, want to know about a person, look at their friends. Remember, you are who your friends are!

Know when to say “no”

Successful people realize that by saying “no” to negativity, extra work and activities that waste time, they can focus on increasing their productivity. If they say “yes” to everyone or everything, they’ll be too distracted and will not accomplish tasks that have to be done. I’m sure we can all relate to this one. Say no to anyone or anything that doesn’t make you feel good! Walk away from negativity & the “pity potters”. Using this tip will save you from lots of resentment! BTW, I’m still working on this one.

Set goals and visualize

OK so there is a lot of controversy about “The Secret” which is the Law of Attraction. Now before you huff & puff hear me out. The Law of Attraction is just as real as the Law of Gravity, it’s a Universal Law. So just because you chose not to believe it, it doesn’t mean it does not exist! Once you feel the emotion to match your goal (visualize), you will align with this UNIVERSAL Law & amazing things begin to happen. You REALLY gotta believe it to Achieve it!

95% of the successful achievers practice writing down their goals, plans, or visions for success on a regular basis (I have a Vision Board!). Successful people do this the night before, or first thing in the morning so that they are prepared to tackle the challenges that await them. Huh go figure! I’m happy to report I’m mastering this one 🙂

Learn how to manage your money

Everyone wants money or to be rich right? BUT are you actually ready to handle the amount of money you are asking for? If not get cracking! You can’t depend on someone else to manage your money for you without any knowledge. Look at what happened to Mike Tyson, M.C. Hammer, Toni Braxton, Debbie Reynolds, Sinbad & many others are just a SMALL example of what can go really wrong when you are ignorant when it comes to money!

Successful people have gotten where they are because they were able to manage their finances well. This means that they invest their money wisely, look for new opportunities and set aside emergency funds. They are more generous and willing to donate to those who need help.

There is an old saying that luck and preparation always meet opportunity. The most successful people set themselves up for success by preparing all the time. Successful people expect luck will find them, and it usually does!! Keep LEARNING! Knowledge is Power!

Most of us tend to have the perception that all celebrities & the elite live like kings and queens, without a care in the world. In reality though, many face financial hardships like the rest of us. From poor money management to other financial woes, despite their fame and previous fortunes, wind up broke. BUT with knowledge from past experiences (I don’t like saying mistakes, we all learn from good & bad) & awareness we can go from rags to riches at any moment we chose. YES, it can & DOES happen.

In the end it’s all about mindset. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s famous saying: Change the Way You See at Things & the Things You See Will Change!

So are you ready to make your change? Let me know what you’re ready to do!

Till next time………………

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