What’s Your Passion? Ask Yourself This!


I hear it all the time, people try to find their passion but usually come up short! For many, many years I have researched this very subject in search for my own passion. Every book, every course, everything I tried, I JUST didn’t know what it was.  So I figured that I didn’t have one! Same questions…What can you do to help people? What are your hobbies?  What are your skills? WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO?? Well up until I found my company, I really had no idea!

Then one day I had, I guess an epiphany.  I stopped looking at those famous questions & started looking at the Universe’s signs it was sending me!  This is so true & I will try my best to describe it.  To be honest it’s a feeling, very simple…it either makes you feel good that feeling or bad.  You know what your choice would be, right?

I know you guys have no idea what my background or past is, but let me tell you, the past 4 years I went through hell & back….Let’s just leave it at that for now.  After I let go of the panic of “What am I suppose to do? What is MY passion?” Signs were everywhere!

As you may know, I’ve been in Direct Sales on & off since I’m 17, I’m now 48, so it’s been a few years!  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be on top in whatever company I was with but never achieved it.  I have a marketing background so I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong & I couldn’t find the people that were on top in those companies to copy off of.

Now back to my search, how did I get to this point, well I didn’t even think of it, it just came to me.  I know that I like to write, I have skills in marketing, fund raising & yep I like to talk to people, so networking was a natural too.  So I really thought about the infamous question…WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO? OK, REALLY what is it…for me it was simple! I like to help people!  30 years it took me to realize this! Go figure…OK now that you know what you really like to do (don’t think of the how you’ll do it!) just follow your gut.

So now I know I like to help people, great now what? OK what is it that I like helping people with? Well I know my “HELL” would play a HUGE part in this decision because EVERYTHING happens for a reason, a purpose…..OMG was MY hell MY purpose??  I know from all that happened I can relate to so many different people & my background is so diverse I can fit in with almost anyone!  OK, now we’re getting somewhere…I like to teach, I could relate to many people, I have a background in direct sales & marketing….OMG I need to go BACK into direct sales..BUT which one?? My mission began, by this time I KNEW I wanted to be right under the TOP person, I wanted a ground floor opportunity, because that’s where you succeed the best & I needed products not only that I loved but had to be natural & affordable!  Too much to ask? Maybe….I made a list of EVERY direct sales company in the US, had my requirement list & then started crossing off every direct sales company that didn’t fit MY criteria.  End of story! I ended up with my company.  At this point now I was excited & said “OK Universe…is this the one?”  Would you believe the tiniest signs started surfacing!  This might sound silly but this is EXACTLY what happened!

Now I am born in April & my birthstone is a diamond….well in my company your status is…Diamond, 1 Carat, 2 Carat all the way to 5 Carat!  Sign #1.

Now when I was younger, my aunt who lived in France at the time, every time she came to visit she would teach my younger sister & I how to take care of our skin &  why she KNEW French skincare was the best hands down.  My aunt’s French skincare was royal blue with silver writing…I’ll never forget that.  Well my company has royal blue with silver writing & it’s manufactured in France!  Sign # 2.  Coincidence?  No Way!  I don’t believe in coincidences only purpose & reasons!

Now to find the top person in the company….well I found her.  I called her & we clicked. Something about the whole situation just fell into place.  For the FIRST time I aligned my past, my skills, my purpose & OMG MY PASSION!!  This is the most amazing feeling you’ll EVER get!

Now I want you to understand something, by NO means do you need the background I have to succeed in direct sales…HONESTLY you just need an awesome team & a great leader, have a passion for the products & what the company stands for!  This is 100% true!

So how my passion falls into place with direct sales….I LOVE helping people so I can help them with weight loss, body toning, great skin or feeling good about the way they look with makeup.  They want to find their passion?  Well I help them with that too…I help people achieve their goals & dreams.  I like to write…well here I am writing!  I like to network…social media & local business groups.

You see in the end that simple question brought me to this moment.  Writing to you telling you how I did it & who knows maybe even help you find your passion too!

Today my team is a 5 carat, I have an incredible team of inspiring, empowering supportive women & men that make me confirm I really did find my passion!

Once you live your passion you really have NO choice but to SUCCEED!  This is so true!

I hope you find yours…..Good Luck on your journey!

Till next time………….


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