Get Bikini Ready in 7 Days

weight-loss-215x300Weight-Loss Tip 1: Drink water. (And then drink more!)

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the best trick to beating bloat is to drink more water. If you’re drinking water, you’re flushing out everything and keeping all systems going. Try sipping a tall glass water of every time you feel hungry.

Weight-Loss Tip 2: Skip soda.

Another way to get a flatter stomach, avoid soda. Soft drinks, even diet ones, contain sodium, which is a big contributor to bloat & there is so much sugar in soda, especially diet!!…DON’T BE DECEIVED!  Instead of reaching for a diet cola, opt for unsweetened iced tea or coffee.

Weight-Loss Tip: Try a one-day cleanse.

Cleanses aren’t the key to permanent weight loss, but stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé swear by juice cleanses and fasts to slim down and reset their bodies. For a version you can stick to, eat only raw fruits and vegetables for a day. You’ll feel fuller than if you just drink juice, but you’ll easily be able to keep your daily calorie budget in check.

Weight-Loss Tip: Find fuel-up foods.

Hitting the gym? Keep your energy up by picking foods that’ll help you burn more calories during your workout and throughout the day. Go for good carbohydrates, like whole grains, and lots of fruits and vegetables. It’s time-released fuel for the day. Translation: You won’t be reaching for unhealthy snacks to keep you going.

Weight-Loss Tip: Focus on cardio.

Since you’re short on time, swap out spot-toning like sit-ups—they won’t give you the fast results you’re after.  You’ve got to burn fat before you build muscle, try cardio to lean the body down. To really shed pounds, pick a high-intensity interval training workout (like CrossFit and Insanity), which amp up fat burning in short-but-superhard sessions.

Weight-Loss Tip: Cut refined carbs.

Rid your diet of bad carbs (a.k.a. white flour and sugar), which reduce your energy and can make you want to skip that last-minute workout. Foods affect your energy level. Refined carbs, white flour, snack foods—these tend to elevate your blood sugar and then you crash, these are energy-busting foods. Remember, No energy equals craving more food!

Wanna learn more about my favorite way to loose weight in 7 days?


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