One Highlighter….10 Uses!

17742483_10212760915686096_1361549724_nHighlighters might seem a lot more complicated than they are. Using them properly, they have the ability to deliver the kind of radiant skin we usually only see on celebs—but one false move and you’re all stripes and opalescent splotches. Today we released our newest product, our H’Eye Light, this impressive packaging consists of the H’Eye light cream (comes in pink or white) with a brush on the top part, which allows for laser-like application. Here are 10 uses for this incredible new product!

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1.Perk up those eyes

With your index finger, carefully pull down your lower lid to expose your inner rim. Then gently go over your waterline with the brush, taking special care not to poke yourself!

2. Instant cheekbones without implants

Contour with this technique: Starting near the inner corner of your eye, draw with the brush downward at a slight angle until you’re in line with the center of your nose. Then, trace upwards towards outer corner of your eye. The result should look like a large check mark. Finally, blend, blend, blend.

3. Stick your shadow

Eye shadow has a tendency to slip-side right off after a couple of hours. To solve this perennial problem, dab highlighter onto lids first. The formula color-corrects like a concealer and provides a smooth surface for both shadow and liner to grasp onto.

4. Dismiss dark circles

To lighten up, gently apply in a triangle shape under your eyes and diffuse with your ring finger.

5. Get the glow

Apply highlighter all over to your face using long, outward strokes. Layer on your usual foundation with a brush, blending the two products together. Watch skin take on a lovely glow.

6. Brighten up your face

Glide the pencil above your brows in a large, upside-down U-shape. Blend with your ring finger or a small, densely bristled brush.

7. Accentuate those arches

To highlight the natural shape of brows and give them a lift, apply along the brow bone and blend.

8. Look alive

To erase the effects of late nights and little sleep, trace along the inner corners of your eyes. The light-reflecting particles work like eight cups of coffee (minus the jitters).

9. Slim your nose

Swipe the highlighter down the bridge of your nose and pat into skin to bring all the attention to the middle of your face.

10. Get Angelina Jolie’s lips

OK, not quite. But fuller-looking lips are within your grasp: Dab the highlighter just above your cupid’s bow.

The light areas are where you should apply the highlighter…


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