Interested in Direct Sales??



Today I’m not going to talk about a product, today I’m going to take about the business.  I’ve been in Direct Sales since I’m 17.  Yes, I’ve tried many companies & wanted their dreams too.  Who would give me a car if I achieved this or send me somewhere exotic if I achieved that. Well I did well in the sense of me making money, but it seemed to get to the top was so far fetched, I didn’t know how to do it. I really never thought I couldn’t I just didn’t know how. So no matter how many times I tried then stopped, I never gave up on the dream to achieve the highest I could with a company I finally would give my all to. But how? I took courses, read book & even tried the company provided training. This time around it’s been different. Not only did I have my sales background, past direct sales experience, but, I also did intense research on EVERY company that I was interested in. When I started narrowing them down, the last survivor was Acti-Labs! So I called the most successful sponsor  I could find. Not only did she really care about what I was looking for in a company, she cared about what passions I have and really compared it to what Acti-Labs had to offer, I couldn’t sign up right away because I was waiting on my tax return. It’s only $27.50 to sign up, but I wanted the biggest kit they had for $120! During that week she added me to the teams site as well as the company training site. I was so impressed how all these women were helping each other! How they all welcomed me even before I signed up, but most of all how they were all willing to help ME make the right choice & how excited they were for me to join their team! Talk bout team work.

The day came when I signed up & they all laid out the red carpet for me! (on facebook of course) I had several LIVE trainings (twice a day power hours) available to me as well as 3 separate Group messengers of my team members all at my finger tips ready to help with any questions or concerns at all times! In all the years of being in direct sales, I must say I have never experienced such team work, compassion, determination and a true sense of joy from each & every one of them! From the company to the products to the training down to the team, I am so blessed to be a part of such an awesome company with such outstanding inspiring women who are a very large part of my success from day one on! They’re not team members, they have become my family. We all talk everyday & try to help each other with anything.

So when I talk about Acti products or the business it’s really because, from the bottom of my heart,  I am truly passionate about the company and the opportunity it offers. I’ve been asked several times about how to pick “the right” direct sales company, so I am working on doing a FB LIVE that hopefully will help many in making a decision about this industry. Whether you join my team (I’d love to have you!)or not, I really wish you the best of success and hope in some small way I helped you achieve just that!

If you are interested in being a part of this LIVE event please follow/like my facebook page Acti Goddess.

I will keep you updated on this event & more. Also, if you’d like to try Acti products for FREE, why not become my FB Tea Party hostess?? It’s fun, doesn’t take much but sitting on your facebook like you do now & you can earn FREE products PLUS enter for my FREE Giveaway!

Till tomorrow…….


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