Day 4 of My 7 Day Challenge

Well it’s been a long, hectic weekend. I still had time to continue my body wraps! I might be a little behind on posting my Challenge, but, I am continuing to do them.

Well as I’ve mentioned before, after each application, these products continue working for 2 days.  I know my body is detoxing impurities like it is suppose to,  although I drink a lot of water (as recommended) I usually drink a lot of water in general, so I did not increase my water intake, but I am frequently urinating, more than usual, so this tells me it’s the products working. I have lost a total of 1/2″ so far, and this is the consistent result! Im so excited that my belly & thighs are NOTICABLY flatter/thinner and my overall appearance is firmer & toned. I am not actually “working out” other than my daily activities which consists of walking often & cleaning the house daily. So I count this as my workout! LOL

Till tomorrow………..

If you have any questions about Acti Wraps or any other of our awesome products, contact me today!

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