Day 1 of My 7-Day Challenge


OK so I cheated a little, I started last night! I started with the Thermo and used the “ace” type bandages (Wrap Duo Kit comes with 2). Like I have posted before, I have done wraps that I made myself in the past, I used saran wrap and not ace bandages. So, I decided to try it with the ace bandages. I’m going to count that as a workout, because I was sweating trying to keep the bandages in place. I lost 1/8″ on my belly & thighs. YAY! This morning I decides to go with my old time favorite, saran wrap. Much easier to apply because it sticks wher you leave it, it’s easier to “pull” around your body, because the key is to tighten the area without suffocating yourself and allow the covered area to sweat in order to detox. I left it on for about 1/2 while I did my makeup, then I took off the wrap. I lost an ADDITIONAL 1/2″ off my belly & thighs. I have a before picture and after my 7 days I will post the before & after picture.

Yes, if we sweat we will loose inches because of excess water & toxins BUT will it stay off? Well if we use products that assist with the removal of toxins, induce sweating, caffeine tightens the skin and other ingredients in these 2 products will assist with the inches remaining off and increase cellular construction (which is breaking down the fat & filling in the spaces (that lumpy look cellulite creates) so the fat in our skin is replaced with healthy “plump”cells that give a smooth appearance).  Now isn’t this the purpose of doing a wrap to begin with?

So far my skin feels smooth and moisturized. I’m excited about the inches lost.My belly has flattened down a lot! I will be doing this twice a day for 7 days. At this point I am taking my pro-biotics & wrap. I am waiting for my order so I can start my super green skinny juice & hydro slim combo.

Let’s see how much stays off tomorrow & how much more I lose!

Till tomorrow………

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