Why Become an Acti-Labs Ambassador?

That’s a question you definitely need to have a clear answer to before joining any direct sales business if you want to succeed. When you know WHY it makes what you have to do far more fun.

I am always on the look out for ambitious and hard working people to join my team. People who appreciate that it will take persistence and commitment to succeed.

If you are ready to join and become an Acti-Labs Ambassador or for more information on our compensation plan, contact me today!  For as little as $29 (online version – no kit – join using this to get the 20% product discount before deciding to promote the products) you can be running your own business within days.

A few reasons why you might choose to join Acti-Labs as an Ambassador:

You are interested in starting your own direct sales business in the health & beauty industry and you are looking for a reputable company to join.  In the USA (since March 2016) this is a ground level opportunity with a successful history in the UK!

You don’t want to worry about having to spend a lot of money on products, or buying stock in bulk to get started. With Acti-Labs you can start with as little as $29.

You are generously rewarded as part of the Acti-Labs career plan. As you introduce people and they introduce people the amount you earn increases.

You get help from those at the top, not just the person who introduces you to the business. More Senior Ambassadors help new people succeed than most other direct sales companies, because the more they help new people the sooner we all rise.

Plus it also means if you are new you can recruit immediately because your new recruit will get help from more senior Ambassadors. That solves the problem of how a new person recruits if they have no experience.

There is a dedicated Facebook group and chat group where you can ask questions and get immediate answers and intense training at you own pace. If you are with a client and don’t know the answer to something just send a message and someone who knows will reply almost immediately.

There are also weekly training sessions you can attend where you learn how to build your business based on proven techniques that work.

Acti-Labs Products are fantastic. You will find our anti-ageing creams sell really well and so does their wonderful range of makeup and slimming products. Other Ambassadors give permission to use their photos and results. These products work and they work well.

Enjoy earning a living by talking about, demonstrating and sharing the Acti-Labs range of make up, slimming wraps, skin-care and other products.

You can run parties, host events, network with other professionals, connect with salons and spas, there are so many ways you can promote these products including internationally. Currently Acti-Labs is available in the UK, as of March 2016 in the USA and from October 2016 Canada too.

Is running a direct sales business for you?

Here are a few reasons why you might choose direct sales as a business

You can set your own schedule, you decide how much time you want to spend working. One hour a week, one hour a day for two days, whatever you want to do is what you do.

Your earning potential is determined by your own commitment. So if you choose to work your business one hour a week you wouldn’t ever expect to get the same results as someone who works the business for 20 hours a week.

You set your own earning potential so it is as high or as low as you want it to be. Do you just need some extra cash to pay for holidays and nice things or does your family need to bring in another income?

You get to earn money based on your own efforts but also the efforts of your team. How many jobs can offer you that? The bigger your team the more you earn. This is why you will always receive support because the person who introduces you wants you to succeed.

Social retailing potential. Many people earn a fantastic income promoting their products via social media and video!

Want to talk to me first? Got questions?

Thinking about becoming an Acti-Labs Ambassador? If you have questions about the support you will receive, how it will work, how much income you can earn or anything else please contact me below.

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