About Acti-Labs

Acti Labs is a French skincare, health and make up/beauty product line that offers a direct sales/network marketing opportunity to the UK, USA and Canada. When you buy from an Ambassador you are buying a product direct from the laboratory.

The message Acti Labs want to promote is affordable “surgery inspired” treatments that you can do at home. That’s nothing scary, I promise, all it means is that the products have a high amount of active ingredient in them which is what makes them work so well. For example, the collagen night cream we retail has a high amount of collagen in and because our products are sold through ambassadors there’s a lot of fee’s to be cut out meaning the money can go into sourcing the collagen rather than into other people’s pockets.

Acti Labs have a huge range of products including mineral makeup, skincare, personal care, inch loss solutions, dietary supplements and there are a fair few new products launching in the next few months in these categories. I personally really like the products because they are paraben free, not tested on animals and work really well for my skin. These opinions are based on personal use of the products. I mostly sell to friends and family and have a few regular customers however it’s possible to make a lucrative income from this business. You can sell on social media, you can leaflet/brochure drop if that’s your thing, you can discuss storing products in salons and beauticians or you can get involved in party plan. It’s important to know that your Acti Labs business is your own and as long as you are within compliance guidelines you can run the business however you like.





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